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Meet Team QED

Avatar B&W
The Boss

Neil has spent over thirty years in and around the world of Hospitality. This then leads him to write, what would become, an award-winning blog. Initially content was the only consideration. But as interest & traffic grew it became apparent that advertising would pay for the running costs, he stepped up his website from to a self-hosted site. He’s made the mistakes, so you don’t have to.

Being entirely self-taught over a decade with the WordPress platform, both .com & .org flavours, he is au fait with solutions to your required web presence and how to get it done.

A little known fact about Neil?

He’s allergic to bananas

Avatar Jake

The Office Dog

Jake joined Neil a couple of years after having a troubled start to life. At twelve months old, Jake had been through three different homes prior to meeting Neil.  He’s an adorable Jack Russell, who lives in the office, loves a lunchtime carrot and his morning walks (being on Dartmoor National Park has its advantages)

A little known fact about Jake?

Prior to joining the team, he was an award-winning puppy with the name ‘Mostly White’

The Freelancers

Being a former blogger, Neil has a network of trusted freelancers he can rely on for specific tasks; SEO, Copy, Content etc. They are rarely called upon but are there, should the need arise.


Team QED look forward to hearing from you