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A Chef for all Seasons
Mobile phone app

Production date

What we did
App design
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Listing on both App & Play stores

The Process
After the successful launch of the A Chef for all Seasons website, Damian asked QED to produce a complimentary mobile phone app.
The main objective was to put the latest freelance chef vacancies directly in to the pocket of their candidates.

The first update was to comply with Apple's latest ToS update. So a deletion of account facility was added.

Candidate/User sign up

The ACFAS app required users to create accounts and login.

Passwords were hashed as a security measure, so even admins who had access to the backend couldn't gain access to users accounts.

Current developments in the pipeline for the second update will include a chat facility with the app admins, booking facility and directions to each assignment once confirmed with clients.

ACFAS app sign up

The A chef for all Seasons app contact page

ACFAS app contact

Contact page

Our client's app contact page was designed to be lightweight, but efficient in getting potential customers in touch with A Chef for all Seasons team

Unlike websites, SVG isn't really available for apps in Play & App stores, so we had to utilise native icons.
Candidates could contact the team via most major social media platforms, phone, email, whatsapp, to name a few.