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A Chef for all Seasons

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What we did
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The Process
Our client wanted a website which felt like an extension of their kitchen backgrounds.

Instead of the usual 'menu' for their website , they wanted something that most chef would recognise straight a way - the tabgrab.

QED designed and implemented the interactive tabgrab menu, making it a below the fold focal point.
Above the fold on the home page we installed a three page video slider, again, all aimmed at the professional chef.

ACFAS tab grab

Custom Menu

Each one of the yellow orders became an interactive button to the corresponding page. The button shaded into a darker yellow on hover

ACFAS contact page

Contact page

Our client's contact page was designed to be lightweight, but efficient in getting potential clients and candidates in touch with A Chef for all Seasons

We used scalable SVG icons, subtle coloured, for; Email, Phone, WhatsApp, and a captcha protected contact form.