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Production date

What we did
Website design
WP Plan
Image sourcing
MS Access database
Device & database integration

The Process
Having been a professional colleague of MD David Spencer for some time now, we were rather flattered when he approached us to produce a recruitment website for his new company.

Not only did we supply a cost-effective solution on a WordPress plan. This makes their site so low maintenance and virtually unbreakable, almost ideal if you don't want to incurr support fees or on a tight budget.

The Chefs Etc team also required a database which we supplied using MS Access and VBA. This then intefrated into their other MS products, making their data sharing and transfer more efficent.

Chefs etc application

Application facility

Chefs Etc went from a standing start to great success in 2019 and continues to thrive to this day.

The cornerstone of this growth, is the efficient handling of client and candidate data. Collecting information via the website and storing it in the custom MS database.

During the application process, no data is retained by the website and the use of SSL means that a data breach iskept to a minimum.

Chefs etc quotes

Testimonials page

Our client's reputation is everything in chef recruitment, and with that in mind we set up a testimonial page for satisfied candidates & clients to share their experiences.