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Warwick Warwick


The Pickled Crab, Warwick

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What we did
Website redesign
Booking facility
Image sourcing
Updating content

The Process
We've been working with Nigel at The Pickled Crab for over a decade now, and have evolved his online offering as his business has grown.

In 2022 The Pickled Crab website expanded even further than the restaurant's four walls, when Nigel and his team embarked on the food offering at Berrybank Ampitheatre.
Instinct @ Berrybank was added to the Pickled Crab's site with a dedicated booking and payment service as well as an updating of the website to encapsulate Nigel's ethos on food.

TPC - Booking form

Booking facility

The Pickled Crab had two distinct dining areas which required a booking facility which took the customer to dedicated areas for each option, either relaxed street food or casual tasting menus.
Instinct @ Berrybank required customers to order and pre-pay for their food, and again this was built into the platform.

All booking facilities were incorperated into our client's online payment facility.

TPC contact page

Contact page

Our client's contact page was designed to be lightweight, but efficient in getting potential customers in touch with The Pickled Crab

We used scalable SVG icons, subtle coloured, for; Email, Phone, WhatsApp, and a captcha protected contact form.
A Google maps link was added so customers could easily find the restaurant's location.